MAIA – a performative Shortfilm

By: Fabienne Elaine Hollwege
 „Best international Shortfilm“ (Rohip Filmfestival 2024), „Best Women´s Film“ (Caravan International Filmfestival)

Shortfilm-Performance TRAILER
Text/Conzept/Director: Fabienne Hollwege
Video/Cut/Postproduction: Ted Kayumba
Music/Sound: Brian Acton
Choreographie/Performance: Piera Jovic
Translation/Voice: Wiebke Acton
Studio: Holtz Sound, Charel Stoltz
Production: KiAundNia/ Escher Theater
Support: Maskénada

Rohip Filmfestival (India) 2024:
Best International Shortfilm
Caravan International Filmfestival 2024:
Monthly Award: Best Women´s Film/ Best Performing Arts
First Showing im Dezember 2023: CID -Fraen an Gender
Konferenz & Diskussion, Thema: Les violences obstétricales, on en parle ?

MAIA is a performative short film about a deeply impacting experience: childbirth.

Although women have been giving birth for millennia, this incomparable event rarely finds its way into the public eye.
We are alone with our pain, the fears, the powerlessness. Every birth is different and can leave both beautiful and traumatic traces.
MAIA wants to give this experience a voice.